I was as fat as a fool, but yet clinging onto a sporting belief of where I was at in year 17 and 18 of my life. Thinking I knew everything about health and fitness but not having a clue at all. 

This was tipified the following year from this photo that I attempted the Dublin marathon. I had done the Galway 70.3 half ironman without coaching, and thought sure this marathon will be a piece of piss after all the training I have done. 

Q 10 k into the marathon I was running my 10k PB for the year. Was high fiveing a mate soon after the Phoenix park. Then 22k and boom. I blew up. Totally fucked. Tried walking, re running, it was all over.  

Rather than walk run the last 20kms and finish, prob around the 4-4:30 hr mark I threw in the towel and left the course and went back to my car and drove home. Told everyone I was injured but anyone that knows. Knows that you blew up and made a balls of it. 

That was 5 years ago and that marathon has haunted me. Probably the best thing to happen though as I have felt like quitting a few ironmans but the haunting that Dublin left me with keeps me plugging. 

It’s unfinished business, it’s where endurance proper started for me. It’s time to go out and nail that course. But a demon to bed

Fuck it. I’m in. 

Easky 10 miler


(^^^ Myself and some  of the StranDurance 21 crew who are preparing for their first half Marthon this may)

This was my first 10 miler, I was a bit perplexed about pacing. I like half marathons for this, you get a bit of time to build into a race whereas everything else starts helter skelter. But with a 10 mile/16k what do you do!

To be honest I was not really feeling it on the day, just been very tired with opening second Gym and launching a program along with normal training load. Part of me absolutely could not be arsed going down to Easky. It was cold, windy and a bit dreary.

So where I pulled a 3rd place and 65 minute 10 miler out perplexes me. Saturday evening I went for a Pint, had a bottle of wine and watched a movie going to be fairly late for me-12:30 pm. I was not tuned in at all.

The race start was pretty relaxed, two front guys and eventual first and second took off before the turn off for Easky castle. The I could not be arsed feeling started to subside and a little bit of fight started to creep in climbing Munnellys hill. Eamonn Mc Andrew who was racing the 10k whizzed past with a friendly hello, barely sweating and he finished in 34 mins!

One of the Ballina AC guys started rubbing his hamstring on the climb, opportunity here i cruised past. 5th position, hmmmm. maybe. Heading towards Dromore i could see I was gaining on the next person, Paul Deering and feeling really good running sub 4 min ks at this stage. Cruised past. hmmmm 4th position, now third male. Next up Lucy Brennan. I was gaining but not that much per k, she looks back and i go nice one. Cruised past with a ”you go girl” ”your awesome” comments. Which are genuine, but also a tint of back off now bitch I did not expect to podium and now I have a chance.

Then begins Barrys holy fuck i’m in third panic mode for 8kms. Im fucked, its windy, wish I did not have that bottle of wine, wish I brought some gels, where the hell is the next turn off. At the turn around and poker face to all behind me I started counting and knew that if I could hold it together I should make it back without being caught. I worked my ass off on hills and into the wind, tried to keep going sub 4 mins.

With a sneaky look around at seafield i knew I was safe enough but my legs were ready to give out. Thankfully I held on. 3rd place, €25 pudding row voucher. life is great.

Confidence is certainly building for Ironman Frankfurt, in Kinvara on a difficult course I held on to come in 1:29. With a real fight, yesterday was something similar. My problem with the Ironman Marathon is in my head. Physically I can run close to a 3:30 marathon. Its there i know it is. Its the belief to put it into action. Not to shit myself, not to self sabotage just to go out and do it. I think the best part of these races, as training is mentally clinging on.

That is my training gain.