Enjoy the process

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Whether you are on a weight loss journey, returning to fitness for whatever reason or undertaking some sort of a challenge. I believe the most important aspect of this will be enjoying the process.

When you enjoy the process all those inconveniences blur, just something to get past. Put time in between a tooth ache to a car insurance renewal.  Insignificance reigns supreme.

The problem lies with folks who present with me that do not enjoy the journey, the journey peels away at those thoughts of anxiety, lack of confidence, hurt from previous attempts. The journey step by step gives you that will to keep going. Because each journey no matter how long or short will present milestones to celebrate along the way. And celebrate you should.

I get asked a lot about the final result, what will it be. Quantify how much for me please. I never answer in specifics. I believe it negates the journey and takes away from the process. Why should there be a finality, why should you stop.

The betterment of ourselves physically, mentally , spiritually is as personal as a fingerprint. No two the same so why compare to others be that within your own environment or fixating on an Insta Hercules or Aphrodite. Who, in some cases sole financial purpose is to train and starve themselves pre shoot in order for that glorious ass, abb, or boob shot. Good luck to them making a buck. But don’t get down on that image.

My own process revolves around long distance Triathlon. But it has become a journey, mostly physical but sometimes spiritual. Not spiritual in a god like sense but being alone in the wilds of the county appreciating sunrises, lonely roads without feeling alone, and yes birds chirping and lambs baaaaaaing and all that corny shit. Its class. We are blessed down here.

The process of betterment has no finality, it can not be done in any wrong way, it is your journey and how you choose to start is your fingerprint. Please do not be afraid to explore what your are physically, mentally or spiritually capable of. The more of you I meet, sometimes suffering the more I realize that the latitude and longitude geographically given to us has a bearing on all our mental states and I do believe that there are very few who escape this geographical roulette.

If you have begun your process, good for you keep going. If you would like to start today would be a great day for it.




The original Ironman Triathlon was born out of an argument between runners and swimmers as to who was the fittest athlete. An article about Eddie Merxx a world famous cyclist attributed his amazing oxygen intake as one of the highest ever measured. This then brought cyclists into the mix. John Collins a US Navy commander suggested the debate should be settled by combining the the 3 long distance races already done in Hawaii, the Waikiki roughwater swim 3.8 k swim, around Oaho bike race 180k and a 42k Honolulu Marathon.

Collins said whoever finished first we will call him the Ironman, and so a race was born.

From very humble beginnings Ironman is now a brand like Adidas and Nike and has been bought and sold twice or three times. It is currently owned by a Chinese consortium called the  Dalian Wanda group. I do remember watching it on Trans world sport years ago when it was aired as highlights before an RTE sports program that is most remembered for the final count down theme tune.

Ironman is now a corporate goliath, charging up to €600 for entry in its long distance races which now dot the globe and culminate in the Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii where ordinary souls can win a slot through qualification times and race with and against the best in the world.

Since September 2011 I have done two Ironman 70.3’s and 5 Full distance, Austria, Lanzarote, Mallorca, Barcelona and Frankfurt. Each race has their own personality, likes and dislikes. And one Lanzarote seems to have a mystical draw. born of pain and suffering from an unforgiving island. The razz ma tazz that Ironman do for a race is second to none. Nothing is left for chance and I could not fault any of their races. You really do get your monies worth as regards experience. I would certainly recommend any first timer to do a Ironman branded race, or Roth for that first time unforgettable, life changing experience.

However, 5 years in and a small fortune spent its time to change it up. This year I am going to check out an un branded long distance race for the first time.  I was thinking of throwing my hat in for a Norse Man entry, but thought best to try Hardman in Kerry. Hardman takes in the Killarney lake for its 3.8k swim, ring of kerry cycle as the bike leg and the marathon is held in Killarney national park 42 km.

Before Christmas I wished I had not promised my wife that I would not do another Ironman. I was thinking of cycling the ring of kerry in August. Probably in the pissing rain and wind and somewhere like a return to Barcelona where I blew up in 2015 was more appealing. But the closer it gets the more exited I become, the race received a great write up in the most recent 220 Triathlon Magazine and unlike paying into that corporate goliath you are supporting a local race and business’s.

It will i’m sure be a lot more personable, and maybe the sun might shine this August and no better place to be in Ireland than Kerry if it does so. These un branded long distance races are becoming more popular. Probably down to a number of factors from more people partaking in the sport, economics of events and the love of endurance. The only caparisons I can think of is the 100 marathon club . These are a really eclectic bunch that traverse the country running sometimes two and three marathons a weekend. I see long distance Triathlon going the same way. It exites and worries me at the same time.

Exiting in the sense that there will be some really cool, crazy races and worrying in the sense that I will end up looking like the fella that set up the Barkley marathon in Tennessee in 50 years time.

Most long distance triathletes dream of racing in Kona, and mine is no different. but maybe building the engine to take me there will be tested in unfamiliar parts of European long distance Triathlon

Talk to it

Talk to him or her....jpg

Not this creature, but your Inner Chimp.

Everything happens for a reason and with de ja vu feelings one can end up in a situation where with an unbelievable strong feeling you can nearly swear you were in a place before in dream or awaken thought.

The last few weeks have been some what revealing, not by my own wanting but by the unfolding of recent events. The sudden death of our fitness course buddy Craig has hit me like a tonne of bricks. We are all invincible us men. Be that an 18 year old overtaking 5 cars on a bend or a 42 year old hitting the field of play again. Looking at a 35 year old fitness instructor in a coffin flanked by his younger sisters and brother is beyond sad, its ridiculous outside of an accident.

Yet with Craig’s finality of life, I on the other hand have the awesome luck of being able to start a new journey. A Yoga journey.

Its a journey, with no destination and I love that. Its taken a long time to find this path and the randomness by which it was found makes this personally authentic. I am brutal for checking things out prior to purchase. Looks right, feels right. buy it. Impulse all the way. However with that de ja vu feeling lying in a semi meditative pose on a studio floor it was the correct thing to do.

There is a world one can explore within their own mind and spirit. I would like to say I am scratching the surface but like anything you start that you think you have figured out in 10 minutes you quickly realize that you do not have an iota. That is fantastic however.

Towards the end of our final day’s mediation drifting within your own mind, wondering if that car alarm will stop to suddenly finding yourself drifting to another place still conscious of that alarm but also not giving a feck. Then bam. 3 words whispered by an instructor and I was chanting them in my own mind. blissfully away but conscious. how lucky i am to be alive.

This coupled with listening to ”The Chimp Paradox” by professor Steve Peters on audio book culminating on the drive home. I think I have figured some personal things out that help myself and by the nature of what I do to earn a crust. Will help others also.

We are conditioned in this society be it geographical or not, not to talk to yourself mentally!

”I’m so mithered i’m talking to myself” ”as long as you don’t answer yourself back” is always the retort. How many times have you heard that?!

Read the book, talking to your inner chimp, that inner animal that tried to rule the jungle is probably one of the most healthiest things you could do. Those animal needs are there for a reason, so why suppress when you can manage. The ease of use of some of the tools contained in the book to manage your inner thoughts, feelings , anxiety’s and desires  are simply awesome.

Yoga is all about practice, and i’m thinking where the hell am i going to find the time for another daily session! As per the chimp paradox the Human side wants to do an hour but the Chimp will flip out at this so tell the chimp we are doing 15 minutes. I’m telling my chimp that I will be doing 15 minutes yoga and meditation daily before my own actual monkey arises at 6 am…. ish!

I am a note book fan, anyone that comes to Inferno Hot Pilates sees me opening anything from one to three, our instructor Tara gave us all a note book each. My own favorite type of note book, hard back with blank pages. We are to write about our journey on a daily basis.

I guess this is my first entry, thanks for reading. Your welcome to join me on this journey.