Get off the road !

Get off the road !

It does not seem right and almost pointless to jump in a vehicle grab a Costa and head somewhere with your kit on to go for a run. But jeez it was need last weekend. Good Friday was supposed to be a leisurly 3.5 hour spin. Enter, my mate Dave and  two Castlebar CC roadies and I woke up on Sunday like I was hit by the red setter. I had 3 snickers in my back pocket. Holding a wheel was so stressful I did not get a chance to eat them. Road cycling in Mental, I’m sticking to Triathlon. For life

So myself and Biffy heading to,14145,en.pdf

It was supposed to be a speed session,but it just turned into a light jog. Leterkeen is like North Mayo’s version of one of the larger American parks. Just postage stamp sized compared and nothing that will eat you apart from Midjes in the summer. It was more of a head space based session.Chill out,  calm down shake the legs and forget about being coached and plans in general.

One thing I have learned over the years is not to stress about the odd session. If your getting stale, bored or generally do not have any bite. Completely mix it up. It stands to you in the long run.


Inferno Gains with Guinea Pig

I am delighted to hear members personal stories of Inferno Gains, anything from muscle tone not seen in years, to a knee not sore anymore climbing stairs. Some love the heat, some love the meditation and see the previous 50 minutes as walking on hot coals to get to meditation time!

Unlike Tony Montana, any Fitness Instructor should get high on their own stash, be that Inferno, Bar bells , Calesthenics or Cross fit. I have been getting in one to two personal sessions a week since September. And really looking forward to see gains in racing terms.

In 2014 I did the same race,on the same course with the same kit ie. Same bike, helmet, bike shoes and the weather was pretty close also. My time was 54.17 on 23/2/14.( Have tried to no avail to get Garmin File.)

Fast forward two odd years, and yes a lot of training and 3 Ironmans later among other racing. There would be strength and power gains on the bike especially. My time this year was 49.27.


Times tell a lot, a difference of 4 mins 50 seconds. Heart Rate tells a lot, my max heart rate is 185 and the highest I got was 174.

But I remember climbing the hill on the final run and I have never felt as strong running 3:50 pace. Both on the bike and the run when the pressure really came on I could feel the power of my core. I could feel the strength and maintain posture when previously the wheels would slowly come off.

Numbers don’t lie, no core no dice.