The Probiotic Road Ahead


There is 2 kg of Bacteria in your gut! Imagine, that’s a lot of bacteria milling around communicating , breaking down food and generally working its ass off.

Gut health and weight loss started popping up on my timeline a lot over the summer, then gut health and performance started going mainstream. In trying to find an ever elusive edge is Gut health the next big thing. I think so. Now I’m not talking about those yogurts but rather proper over the counter products that supply millions of bacteria.

Benefits of probiotics include :

  • boosting immune system.
  • prevent and treat urinary tract infections.
  • improve digestive function.
  • heal inflammatory bowel conditions like IBS
  • manage and prevent eczema in children.
  • fight food-borne illnesses

And on top of that my main interest as regards sports performance Probiotics could positively affect athletic performance through enhanced recovery from fatigue, improved immune function, and maintenance of healthy gastrointestinal tract function.

The future is also pretty exiting , Probiotics could be part of the next wonder drugs to treat depression and anxiety. Your gut health and mental state is linked. These bacteria communicate and effect dopamine etc and regulate mood.

It really goes to show that not only should we be watching the fuel we are putting in our engines but also the state of that internal engine be it for performance or not. A healthy gut can be much more important than previously thought and research is showing the amazing  benefits of gut health , probiotics and the future of psychobiotics.

Go with your gut feeling……




Sedentary lifestyle and the culture of fear


untitled-designFear sells and we are certainly living in a time of it.The last few weeks have had everything from a new cold war, third world war and the Russians invading the Baltic states. Makes the .com ere feel like a Utopian easy going dreamland.

Problem is that this fear filters down to every aspect of life, and one in particular how we let our children play. We live in a culture now of ”Keeping kids safe”, lets face it litigation especially in this country is a huge aspect of that.

This fear and danger is actually starting to effect kids of today , not just the obvious obesity but now studies have shown that the lack of unorganized play is effecting the development of children’s  Vestibule. The shift of fluid around the inner ear. So not allowing kids climb trees, swing upside down is effecting the development of balance.

Less time playing outdoors is changing the development of muscles and senses, ”they are becoming a generation of unsafe children ” Valarie Strauss Washington Times

Change is slow and needs to be multifaceted, we can not wait for governments to legislate, get them out there, get them into the woods. Let them climb trees. Strauss says that children need a minimum 3 hours play a day. Which is more important that time spent doing homework up to the age of 12 or a healthy body and mind. The culture of getting ahead is actually effecting fluid, muscle and bone development.

Imagine there will probably be information adverts in 20 years encouraging Children to climb trees and have fun. Some of my greatest early childhood memories are of trees houses. Forts in the sky with a 360 degree vantage point. It was an imagination station.

I think its time a decent tree close by as a reason to purchase a home much as a shop, pub or restaurant.

What are you’re thoughts on how to address this?



Get Boosted!


You have to deal with the hand your given, in this case latitude. Unless you are going to move to Australia the only option is to boost.

We lack the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D. Fluoride is put in our water but not this essential vitamin. vitamin D is vital for bone health and muscular performance, and a fully functioning immune system. How many of you have gotten sick during long bouts of prolonged training?

Endurance athletes are also susceptible to upper respiratory tract infections due to low levels of Vitamin D.

Between October and April each year our low levels of sun light inhibit our Vitamin D production. Unfortunately foods such as mackerel high in the vitamin do not produce enough. So the only option is to boost oneself.

If our geographical luck is poor we can still do well by understanding and listening to our bodies and supplementing where appropriate. In the above photo I was shattered. And shattered where I did not need to be. One does not have to suffer for the sake of suffering. If one pillar of the body goes the whole lot goes south and you could be weeks out of action or performing at a sub optimum level and or just plateauing.

Off I pop on the well worn track to Jimmy In Molloys!

What are your thoughts regarding this sunshine boost?


Break His Leg!


That’s what they must have said the visiting team for a bloody challenge match in the early 1980’s in St. Tiernans Park Crossmolina

It is my first memory and influence, my Dad with his leg under a tap for a magic cure. Some Apache Warrior from Tourlestrane came in and milled him with a kick and broke his leg. The tap was not going to work. A trip to A and E beckoned.

Nonetheless he was playing Gaelic football and he was and still is my hero. I was maybe 3 years old and already being influenced by these man mountains, Dad, Jim Timoney, Mick O Malley. Fellas who knew nothing about core stability and nor needed too. They could take your head clean off with their bare hands.

Its an influence that is still with me, drives me. Harden up and get on with it.

Parents influence their kids by just living, there are many more sporting options these days. A child in Ballina could see their mum or dad go out the door partaking in a plethora or activities. Some will follow in footsteps and i truly believe that the recession and subsequent explosion of participation in events will lead to sporting success in the future. Or at the very least show the way for lifelong health and fitness.

Early influences are important, even such a negative one in my eyes has had positive forces.

Have you had such an experience from your youth?!

If so please share!