I have been asked to give a talk on resilience, however I have just realised i can not even spell the word never mind give a talk on the subject. R E S I L I E N C E. Resilience. Thank the lord for spell check.

It is something that someone else wants me to share with people yet i do not have the foggiest about what to say. I asked my wife to enlighten me. ”Its like when you go out and run 30k and then do it again the next day” I was no clearer. That to me is nothing to do with my understanding of the word.

Is Resilience a part of wellness or is wellness Resilience. I want my kids to have it. Yet what is it that I am supposed to be teaching them. And how am i going to teach it.

To me my closest understanding of the word is in cahoots with another word. Ego. And what is Ego but, Yin and Yan positive and negative traits to the human personality. Marmite if you will, some like it some do not.

In theory if someone wanted me to talk about Resilience to a group, based on what they see me do from social media and the likes I would have to say that what they see as Resilience is actually Ego in play, Ego and the drive of an ego be it conscious or subconscious manifesting as Resilience.

In my opinion Resilience is Not Resilience. And what one sees most times where it looks like Resilience is actually ego.

I still have to give this talk, they want to hear about Resilience – but maybe I can sub in Robustness for Resilience and see if anyone notices. To me Robustness is a better way of describing something tangible within wellness. The word first came into my lexicon through Setanta in Thurles. Not the mythical one but a lecturer on the course who talked about creating Robust players in order to prevent injury and improve performance.

I feel this is a better way to describe what is needed and i would feel far more comfortable giving a talk on the ways of becoming robust. To me, becoming Robust is quite simple.

To become robust means getting muddy running in trails in the middle of no where, to become robust means having a mentally draining day and knowing that it was not physical , Robustness is getting into a freezing lake, river, stream, sea or pond with or without clothing in January and enjoying it. And yes robustness is running 30k and then following it up with another 30k the next day.

There are many levels of Robustness, inter county , club and the non team sport playing individual that just wants to be robust enough for day to day life. One is not going to become robust thinking about it. Even reading about it. (Although I do appreciate if you are still reading this). Robustness means getting out and doing. And continuing to do, whatever it is that floats your boat.

Be more Robust, it is the new Resilience.

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