Nephin Run Track


A few months ago a little birdie told me about a Nama site that was being considered for purchase by the local community here in Crossmolina. The kettle was not boiled and I had already set up the Nephin Run Track Facebook page.

Having like many at one point or another traveled around some parts of Europe it always amazed me how small towns and villages the size or smaller than Crossmolina had 400 meter tartan Olympic sized tracks.

Once the page was up there was a lot wondering where the proposal was going to be located. I was not at liberty to say but since this morning and the publication of Crossmolina 2025 on Facebook and attendance at a local meeting last Monday where I brought forward the proposal, our wish is to bring an Athletic track onto that site for the town of Crossmolina and everyone in the shadow of Nephin for a lifetime of use.

There are many proposals, none better than any other and each have their individual merit. However my remit is to press the benefits of an Athletic Track for the region.

Why a Track?

1.We are all shapes, sizes, abilities and have certain attributes. A track opens up the opportunities for these people to express physically what they can best do.

2. The track is for everyone, all ages. Joe Blogg’s returning from hip operation that needs something safe to walk on. New parents that would like to park up a pram so they can go for a jog listening for baby to go off on one. Parents with kids climbing the walls in the dead of winter can bring them somewhere to burn some steam. Middle aged Athletics is a growing sport in Ireland, and of course aspiring young athletes who could possibly compete in Community games events in Crossmolina again. The list is as varied as the people that live in the community.

3. Crossmolina has a sporting culture, Gaa club, Soccer, Basketball, Badminton, Golf society, and any given evening of the year-the place is alive with High Viz clothing. Folks walking close to Mach 2 around the lake. The track would add to this culture. Continuing to create and develop for the next thirty plus years.

4. A track on such a public location would add to the aesthetic of the town. It would give off a great image to Crossmolina’s attitude to health and fitness. It would make the town even more attractive as a place to come and live. With the pressure rural Ireland is under any amenity that adds to the town will bring in more positivity be that through people and or business.

5. This is as much about the future. Where the town is going and what you want for your kids and or grand kids. Opportunities like this may never come again. At the very least we would have an amazing community amenity for all to use. At the very best we could sow the seeds for a future Olympian be that special Olympics or Olympics.


Fundraising for the proposed Athletic track starts March 16th at 7:30 pm with the ”Light The Night” 5km run as part of Crossmolina Festival of Lights. This is your opportunity to become part of the project by coming and taking part.

If you build it, they will come.