The back road from Attymass to Foxford can be magical sometimes. Never the same, mist seems to cover this area like a rash for several months of the year. last Saturday morning at sun rise however this trend was bucked.

The sun burst up and over the mountain exposing rocks that must be huge that were probably deposited by the last wandering glacier rather than my menacing orcs. The sun danced and warmed my face. This brought an instant smile and a release of serotonin.

I was lucky to be in the spot I was to witness this at this time because 60 minutes later I was freezing my proverbial off when it started to lash. Thankfully at that stage I only had an hour left to bike.

It did make me think though about timing, the mindset and happiness that that sun created early on, and its effects on my form throughout the rest of my three and a half hour bike ride.

In my experience thus far with Strand Fitness, this next week or two will be critical for many peoples fitness over the next 11 months. The early get fit buzz begins to wane, many feel the need to reward with food and many not happy with speed of results begin to drop off the radar. You must keep the faith and plug away for the next day and ensure that you take this early bliss and let it carry you throughout the year. For the sun will rise one day and you will feel that serotonin release and be happy you stayed true to course.

later on that morning whilst climbing the hill at the water tower on the Crossmolina – Ballina road my back wheel slipped out, i think it was the concrete gulley on the side of the road. My bike went 45 degrees , managed to prevent myself falling but was heading for the opposite side of the road with an oncoming 5 series BMW estate. I guess instinct kicked in and my Dads driving advice. ”If in doubt flat it out” albeit pedal it out. I headed for the other ditch missing said car by a few feet. This all happened in a few seconds .

It took 10 minutes to start cycling again, emotion of knowing that if anything was coming behind me I was toast and if I had braked instead of pedaled I would have ended up on top of the water tower. That Crossmolina- Ballina road is lethal at the best of times. But feck me one freak back wheel slip and that was nearly it.

When I finally got home there was some extra special hugs given out.  certainly one of my 9 lives used up. I am very grateful to be able to experience more of those sunsets





Being a runner by trade and certainly not a cyclist the thoughts of a 3 to 5 hour bike at the weekend would start to grate me early on in a week

Saturday morning would invariably begin with looking out the window for an excuse, too frosty, too windy, too wet, I have a sore throat better not risk making it worse. I would mentally scan a cycle back to Bellmullet and go ah for feck sake. Thinking about all the different sections of the cycle, the annoying things about a particular area from hills, drags and head winds.

But I love Triathlon, Its hard explain. Last New Year I set a goal that I would change the record in my mind towards the long bike. Rather than thinking negatively about It from the start of the week I would think:

-I can not wait to get on my bike this weekend

-I am so lucky to be able and get out and cycle in North Mayo

-I cant not wait to get out for a few hours and think

-I can not wait to clear my head


They are corny and simple. But this simplicity worked. I do not dread the long bike anymore and look forward to time on my own and am genuinely thankful to be able to do this. Partake in the Ironman Journey year on year, which is all about the journey rather than the race itself.

I shared this with the folks starting semi private programs Relentless and Triple 8  this week. ”Wake up and say yes I get to train tonight” rather than ”I have to listen to him again tonight!!!” It works

There is a whole industry based on Mindset now. Maybe some overkill and rehashing of old ideas. Quite simply by changing the Record that our mind is playing to something more positive you can change.

Have a great week, can’t wait for the weekend myself. Looking forward to getting out on the bike!

The Purge!


Today’s bank holiday has softened  the January blues blow somewhat! There are happy skies ahead, you may need to just purge a bit though!

In the movie ”The Purge” for 24 hours anything and everything is legal, its a crazy thought and the manner in which all return to normal even crazier! So its time to Purge your own house, not by murdering your Husband or Wife but by cleaning and or clearing those crap foods. You know what I mean, that box of Celebrations with 4 or 5 mars bars in them, left over mince pies , the bottle of red , few cans of Heino the list is endless.

Get rid of it!!

Hit the shops and stock on fruit, veg, nuts, meats, fish. Get some local honey (for hot honey and lemon drinks) and up your water intake.

Personally I am taking magnesium, zinc, probiotic and Complete Balance stocked by Molloy’s .

Get some HIIT (High intensity interval training) in, it will help with your water weight, get a great sweat on and release some happy chemicals to make you feel better.

New years are a great chance to start to form healthy habits, do not worry if you fall down healthy habits take three to four weeks to become ingrained but when they do your on the pigs back.

But please action something today, sign up to a goal or event to be done within the next three to six months. It will help keep you motivated when we are waiting for brighter skies to come