Damage Limitation!

davChristmas and the lead up to it always was and always is a nightmare for keeping your food  and alcohol intake in check. After a while bottles of wine start to have little effect when at any other time during the year you would be floored!

So possibly one of the best ways of keeping in check is damage limitation. Rather than  a night out followed by a fry the next morning, then a carby lunch and take away for dinner followed by another fry the following morning, try going for something clean and filling to stop the cycle where a session turns into 7 days of debauchery and pillaging a small village.

Scrambled eggs, avocado, turkey rashers and sausages is a great example. Its Damage limitation without feeling like you are having lettuce for breakfast after 10 pints, two shots a bottle of wine and a DIET coke.

These things become habits after a while and soon you do not feel like its the healthy option. It is the only option and you are not bothered with who has to make the hungover trip for a breakfast roll.

If you limit your intake and still enjoy. The January experience will be far easier. One to three days of total clean eating and you will lose the bloat, feel and look way better.

There is no shortage of Christmas and new years day runs and events locally also which are great. Nothing like a bit of healthy competition to burn some Christmas calories !

The more sugar you take in the more sugar you want. Magnesium deals with sugar cravings greatly. In previous years I was what the hell its Christmas, but going well into January with some extra wood to lose has made me rethink this approach.

Give it a go, and be sure to let me know how you get on