Age is just a Number


Drives me buck crazy when folks allude to their age or current state and use that as an excuse not to train. In our example Inferno Not Pilates. Weekly down the local or on the street I’ll hear ”Sure there all stick insects up there in your place” ”I’m too old, any classes for us auld wan’s”

Short answer is always NO. Age is only a number, stop limiting yourself. I see Dr Mickey in Crossmolina still running. Fucking A. Some Granny crossing the finish line in Ironman World chmpionships in Kona. Fucking A. And at nearly 7o my Mammy coming into and Inferno Hot Pilates class this morning and mixing with so called stick insects. Fucking A.

I don’t hope, I know that when i’m 70, 80, 90 years old I will be still competing. Because if I am not competing I’m already dead. Hell I bet myself and Jonny Rowland will be still slugging it out in the 85-90 year old Triathlon Category.

There are no limits but the limits we assign to ourselves and our own ability. Do not limit yourself and there are infinite possibilities and avenues for self exploration both physically and spiritually.





Former Glencullen golf course

About 12 odd years ago when I got the mountain biking bug, I started to look at Neiphan differently. Its a beautiful mountain that seems to always look different. Closer sometimes, further away other times.

I was right, lets give back to the local home community and develop mountain bike trails which would generate income and also give people something really fun to do at home. North Mayo Leader were very helpful at the time, promising monies towards a feasibility study. The next step was to contact Coillte as they seem to control most of what goes on regarding lands of this sort. Immediately I was shot down, being called just another one of these guys that wants trails in his or her local area.

And that was that, they wanted to turn Neiphan into a wilderness project.

Why the above photo is significant is because, it was a golf course. let that sink in. They are turning into a mountain bike trail center in south county Dublin. I did not know about the project or who is involved. But i’m guessing they thought ”Hey golf memberships are declining here what will we do”

These guys have been working tirelessly to get trails developed in Sligo. Maybe when projects like the above mentioned get developed It will shed a light on the amazing landscape we have and how it should be developed. For fitness and just as important fun.

I am gagging for more info on the above project in south county Dublin. Just looking at the flow of that course I can imagine bombing down an endorphin highway.

Close to Dundrum shopping center too, makes its an easier sell………