When I look at you. No matter who you are. I can see potential. ”But I can’t run” Bollox. Of course you can. We are all born to run.

Can you imagine some one starting off doing some Boot camp classes, and then two years later completing an Ironman (3.8 k swim 180km bike and 42km run) ? That’s what Claire Shields did! It started with a class, a journey which took in a European Ironman Championship race with an elite field. She did this whilst holding down two jobs. Quite simply taking it day by day, a pinch of belief, hard work and focus. Its not hard you see when its broken down. Folks make things harder than they actually are. Anyone can run, any one can do it. She did it . She is An IRONMAN.

Celine Byrne came to Inferno Hot Pilates before Christmas, decides she would like to give the River Moy Ballina Half Marathon a go with our Strandurance group. She does it, nails it THEN goes and does the Swinford Tri sport Humbert Half Ironman (1.9 k swim, 90k bike , 21k run). ”Do you think I can do it she asks?” Of course you can do it I replied. Nails it. And is amoungst the top 10 women on the day. Potential.

Our Strandurance River Moy Ballina Half Marathon group. Came, Questioned their own ability. Looked for guidance, wondered how. Stressed about the distance. Some could not do a lap of the athletic track. They all did it, completed their first half marathon. It was amazing. Watching people realize their own potential, grow, run make friends and deliver their own personal performance. On one of the warmest frigging days of the year.  They will all do a full marathon this year, or the next.

If you have the motivation to open the door, and some determination you can realize your own potential. The only barriers are those within your own mind. Why self sabotage  yourself on a daily basis, creating anxiety when there are far better and easier options that just require one simple step of positive thought.

Your goal is personal and can be anything. comfort within your own skin to competing with the best in the world. Please I beg you, realize your own potential.



Taking a step back

To breathe, think and action. It’s been a whirlwind couple of months between getting Strand inferno and Gym off the ground in Ballina, Ironman and learning how to be a goofy dad. 

Ideas are starting to flow again, I’m thinking some weights in Inferno!! Nothing serious weight wise. Some isolation work would be cool , so watch this space! 

Late August feels like the new year for me. Really looking forward to actioning some new programs and improving current ones further! 

Baby number two also due so it will be am interesting few months! 

Roll on I say !!